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Professional Testing & Inspection: EICR Certificates in Sutton & Croydon

We Provide Electrical Safety reports in Sutton & Croydon

Faulty electrical installations in the home have the potential to suddenly become deadly due to events out of our control, I.E. Rodents, Water damage, Heat damage, but generally loose connections or aging materials, which is why inspections and testing are so vital. At Wired Safe, we offer full EICR services for Sutton and nearby areas, with fully trained and qualified electricians to make sure your home electrical systems are safe for you and your family. We carry out a visual inspection, use specialised equipment to test electrical fittings and fixtures, and issue full reports and documentation when the job is done.

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What to expect during inspection and testing.

  • Full Visual inspection of service head
  • Full visual inspection of fuse board
  • visual inspection of cables and wires
  • visual inspection of socket outlets
  • visual inspection if lighting points and switches
  • visual inspection of cooker circuits
  • visual inspection of earthing and bonding
  • Polarity check on servicehead
  • Farth suitability check on service head
  • Full test of MCBs and RCD within the fuse board
  • continuity tests of all electrical cables
  • Insulation resistance testing of all cables
  • Functional checks of switches on all circuits
  • Full earth bonding tests
  • All visual checks logged and backed up by photographic evidence
  • Every test logged and added to the report
  • Full explanation of the condition of your electrical system
  • Main Eicr Certificate
  • Test results sheets
  • Offer of same-day remedial works should you receive a “Severe Danger present” or ” danger present” code (subject to availability)
  • Discount on remedial works if needed (only if work is done same day on same visit)

Why Choose us?

We are trained, qualified, experienced electricians who can offer only the most reliable and efficient EICR testing in London. We are a family business providing professional service that suits flexibly around you and your needs. Nothing will escape our notice, ensuring your complete safety and the durability of your electrical equipment and installations. Above all your house saftey is our priority.

In  particular, we offer electrical inspections in Sutton with same-day EICR certificates. We carry out the inspection and assess your electrical equipment, and typically in minutes after the inspection is complete you’ll have your documentation in your hands. Few offer the same swift level of service with the same guarantee of quality and care in the job. Don’t waste time waiting around for your certificate.

Whether you’re worried about dangerous faulty electrics or if you just want a routine inspection to be carried out, Wired Safe in Sutton will provide the highest level of service in the area. Electrical faults can be silent and invisible to the untrained eye, but no less deadly for it. Get in touch today for a full, professional Electrical Safety reports in Sutton & Croydon.

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